A Never ending Story | 4th English, Story telling

A Never ending Story 4th English, Story telling Once there was a king. He loved stories. “Tell me a story!” he said all the time. At the end of the story, he said, “And then? What happened next?”     “Nothing. This is the end,” said the story-teller. “Tell me a story that has no

The Golden Fish | 4th ,English Story

The Golden Fish 4th ,English Malhar was a fisherman. He lived with his wife in a little hut near the sea. He went down to the sea every day to catch fish. One day, a strange thing happened. He caught a big golden fish in his net. When Malhar took the fish out of water,

How birds fly | 4th,English

How birds fly How do birds fly ? ‘Simple!’ You will say, ‘Birds fly using their wings.’ True. But having wings is not enough. There are many other things that help birds to fly. Birds have a very light body. Their bones are very strong but hollow. Their feathers have special shapes. The feathers are

I want to tell you | 4th,English ,page 80

I want to tell you Listen and read aloud. Good morning. I’m Ria.   I want to tell you about my dog. His name is Spotty. He has black spots on his body. He wants to play with me all the time. I love my dog. **************** Hello. I am Sarthak. I would like to

Minding the class~4th | English

Minding the class Please keep quiet. Listen to me. Silence, silence, please. No talking. Sssh! Listen! No noise, please. Keep quiet, everyone. And I mean everyone. Silence in the classroom. Vineeta! Stop talking. Stop talking at once. Who’s that talking in the corner? Who’s talking at the back? Pay attention, everybody. Look here. Be quiet.

Maya’s Dream | 4th,English Story

Maya’s Dream Maya the milkmaid was carrying a pot of milk on her head. The milk was fresh and creamy. Maya began to dream. ‘There’s so much milk in the pot. It’s rich and creamy. I’ll make nice, thick dahi with this milk. Then I’ll churn it and make butter. I’ll take the butter to

In the park | Unit 1,page-12/13,4th English

In the park Listen carefully, read with me and enact. Part-1 Ishan : Come on, little friends! It’s time to go back home. Come here – and let me count. There should be nine children in all. (Counts) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.     Where’s the ninth child ? Let me

One at a time | Unit 1 page no.7 | Std.4th-Story

One at a time Priya liked sweets. Her Granny had a jar full of sweets. She gave Priya one sweet at a time. But Priya wanted more. Many, many more. She quickly put her hand in the jar of sweets. She took one, two, five, ten, many. But her hand was stuck in the jar.

2.बंडूची इजार (चित्रकथा) | 5वी ,मराठी ,प्रश्नोत्तरे

2.बंडूची इजार (चित्रकथा) पाठ अर्थ-5वी , मराठी ,प्रश्नोत्तर बंडू हा शांत स्वभावाचा ,मेहनती तरुण होता. तो शेतात कष्ट करायचा. एका वर्षी पीकपाणी बरे आल्यावर त्याने कुटुंबासाठी नवे कपडे व स्वतःसाठी एक इजार शिवली. बंडूने इजार घालून पाहिली. ती उंचीला लांब झाली. म्हणून तो सकाळी बायकोला म्हणाला, “माझी विजार जरा चार बोटे कमी करून देतेस का?”


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