Maya’s Dream | 4th, English Story

Maya’s Dream

4th, English Story

मायाचे स्वप्न- (Maya’s Dream)

Maya the milkmaid was carrying a pot of milk on her head. The milk was fresh and creamy.

Maya began to dream. (Maya’s Dream)

‘There’s so much milk in the pot. It’s rich and creamy.
I’ll make nice, thick dahi with this milk.
Then I’ll churn it and make butter. I’ll take the butter to the market. Many people will come to buy
the soft and tasty butter. I will sell it at a good price.
I will get a lot of money.
What shall I do with the money?
I know what I will do.
I will buy big golden earrings.
They will be much better than Meera’s earrings. She is always showing them off.
But now, Meera, just you wait!
I will wear them and walk past her like this.”
Maya began to walk with her head held high.
Maya’s Dream-
She moved her head slowly from side to side. The milk in her pot rolled gently.
Maya went on dreaming –
Maya's Dream
‘When Meera sees my rings, she will get a surprise.
She will say,
“Oh, what lovely rings!
Wait, Maya, wait! I want to see your rings!’
But will I wait? Oh, no! Why should I? Does she ever wait for me? No.
I will just toss my head like this , Maya tossed her head (with a jerk).
And what’s this?
Maya's Dream
Away flew the pot of milk. Out spilled the milk!
No milk – no dahi – no butter – VA no earrings !
Maya lost her earrings even before she bought them.

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