One at a time | Unit 1 page no.7 | 4th, Story

One at a time

4th, Story

Priya liked sweets. Her Granny had a jar full of sweets. She gave Priya one sweet at a time. But Priya wanted more. Many, many more.
One at a time
She quickly put her hand in the jar of sweets. She took one, two, five, ten, many. But her hand was stuck in the jar. She could not take it out. She began to cry. “Oh, what shall I do?” “Let go of the sweets,’ said her Granny.
Priya let go of some sweets.
Still, her hand would not come out.
 She let go of some more sweets.
Now there was only one in her hand. Her hand came out of the jar easily.
She began to smile, and looked at her Granny. Granny smiled too. Priya said,
“Now I will take only one at a time. !”

अधिक माहिती मिळवण्यासाठी ….

जागतिक महिला दिन – येथे क्लिक करा 

सामान्यज्ञान – येथे क्लिक करा 

5वी शिष्यवृत्ती – येथे क्लिक करा

8वी शिष्यवृत्ती – येथे क्लिक करा

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